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The Best Seat in the House

Australian Baseball Alumni is pleased to introduce what we expect to be a regular online feature for our organisation over the weeks and months to come.


The Best Seat in the House is presented with the kind support of Geoff Robertson, a former outstanding administrator and servant of Australian baseball who umpired and mentored at some of the highest levels in the sport.


Formerly the Technical Officials and Competitions Manager for Baseball Australia, Geoff Robertson enjoyed a stellar umpiring career in which he officiated at Olympic Games, at Australian Baseball League level and at numerous international tournaments over many years.


Geoff maintains an intense interest in Australian baseball and he is committed to giving back to the sport in his areas of proven expertise. He has agreed to provide Australian Alumni with an article each month in which he offers guidance and suggestions to the umpiring fraternity – to established officials, to those contemplating a future in the field or simply seeking to be the best that they can as volunteers at grassroots level.


The first of those articles – “On Officiating” – is posted HERE.


The second of those articles - "Goal Setting" - is posted HERE.


The third of those articles - "The role of officials in youth sport" - is posted HERE.


The fourth of those articles - "Being a Strike Umpire" - is posted HERE.


The fifth of those articles - "Vision Dynamics" - is posted HERE.


The sixth of those articles - Manager Umpire Relations - is posted HERE.


The seventh of those articles - Mental Approach - is posted HERE.


The eighth of those articles - An Umpire's Supreme sacrifice - is posted HERE.


Geoff Robertson has also agreed to provide us with an interesting weekly question and answer segment in which he will offer hypothetical game situations and challenge people to consider their ruling before he provides the correct interpretation during the following week.


Each hypothetical will be posted midweek by Australian Baseball Alumni prior to the ruling being provided the following week.


We thank Geoff Robertson for being so supportive in the provision of this service. We know that The Best Seat in the House will be enjoyed and appreciated by many baseball people.


And for those who do not know Geoff, or who would like to learn more about his background in baseball, click the image below to tune in to a recent video interview recorded by Alumni Chairman Brett Ward.

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