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Any person is eligible to join Australian Baseball Alumni if he or she has had an involvement with baseball at any level - whether as a player, a coach, an official, a volunteer or simply a supporter of our great game.


We reserve the right to appoint persons - with their permission - as honorary members of the alumni group if they have demonstrated an exceptional contribution to any significant area of Australian baseball. Those persons will enjoy any entitlements provided to members.


The Australian Baseball Alumni is overseen by a Committee of Management of well-known baseball people.  It is a not-for-profit organisation committed to delivering a range of services to help in the promotion and the development of Australian baseball.


With your help we have been able to achieve some great things for the game in the first three years.  Through fund-raising activities the Alumni managed to contribute over $20,000 to assist in covering the costs of National team programs.


The range of services we seek to deliver include:


1.            Providing the means of encouraging ongoing connection and reconnection between baseball people, whatever their level of              achievement or involvement may have been;

2.            Provision of mentoring and other assistance to young people taking up college offers or signing professional contracts;

3.            Conducting fund-raising activities (such as online auctions) to assist in covering the costs of national team programs;

4.            Provision of free online coaching material prepared by national coaches;

5.            Timely and high quality coverage, interviews and commentary on Australian baseball through website and social media.


We invite you to join us for the fourth season of the Alumni and are pleased to be able to offer you great membership value for the same small registration fee of only $55.00.


Membership may be taken out on an annual or multi-yearly basis, with the membership period extending from 1 November to 31 October.


Annual membership subscription is payable through a secure system provided by Baseball Australia in partnership with IMG Sports Technology Group. It is the same system as that currently used for national registrations.


Click on the link below to access the system and take out Alumni membership.


Visit our website for news and further information at and if you know of anyone who has been involved in our sport then please pass on our details so that they can also reconnect with the community.


Thank you for your support of Australian Baseball Alumni.






Mark Ettles


Australian Baseball Alumni

26 October 2017








To become a member of Australian Baseball Alumni, please follow the process at the above link. Acknowledgment of your registration and payment will be provided, along with a personal membership card. If membership is not finalised within twenty-one days, please contact us via email or telephone.


We recommend, before joining, that you read our Social Media Policy and our Privacy Policy.

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