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      Welcome, all......

Welcome to Australian Baseball Alumni.


The Alumni group has been established with the fundamental purposes of promoting Australian baseball and providing a means for ongoing connection - and reconnection - between any and all persons who have had an involvement in the sport, at any level and in any capacity.


Several months in the making, the Alumni project has been strongly supported by Australian baseball people from the highest administrative and playing interests through to a grassroots level that is so actively sustained – and wonderfully delivered - by our community of volunteers.


Alumni membership is open to everyone – current or former players, coaches, umpires, scorers, administrators, sponsors and supporters. Anyone, that is, who has enjoyed being a part of our great game.


Anyone who has been a contributor to the institution of Australian baseball.

Through this website, our Facebook page and the positive connection that we are committed to build with baseball organisations, Australian Baseball Alumni will focus on nurturing relationships in the sport, on providing news, features, information and other related services that we are confident will help raise the profile and enhance the standing of baseball in the Australian sporting community.

























The Alumni project has the full endorsement of Baseball Australia. It is under direct control of a Committee of Management that is bound by policies and practices of the national governing body. It has been embraced by people of the highest Australian baseball stature and profile – many of whom you will read about, and hear about in our online communications.


The Alumni is supported by the Australian Baseball League and it is sponsored by Jet Couriers and Fielders Choice, both generous, long-standing and respected supporters of the sport in this country.  


While both this website and our Facebook page are fully accessible to the public, we encourage baseball aficionados to sign on as members for a modest annual fee. See our membership page for more detail.


Australian Baseball Alumni is an established and fully accountable legal entity. It is a not-for-profit organisation that will each year direct any surplus funds generated to junior teams or to other worthwhile community baseball projects as recommended by our membership.


In the past twelve months alone, Australian Baseball Alumni contributed close to $ 10,000 to assist with the cost of national team programmes. As we move into our second year we remain committed to conducting fund-raising activities (such as online auctions) to provide material assistance to teams and to players.


Australian Baseball Alumni personnel are tremendously excited about continuing and expanding this project. We believe that it will offer a breath of fresh air and even a renewed impetus as we celebrate our achievements, spread the sporting gospel and seek to build with our partners upon the great strengths of Australian baseball.


It should be a great ride. Hang on to your hat.


If you have baseball news of broad interest, or if you have story ideas that we might pursue, please email us for follow-up ( or

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