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Grant Balfour Ambassador Tour

The Australian baseball community is currently being treated to a visit by Tampa Bay Rays superstar Grant Balfour, who has impressed all with his approachability and accessibility to both the media and to the general public.


Grant’s packed itinerary has involved functions and tributes in Sydney and Canberra, followed by two days in Melbourne that included an appearance as honorary captain of the Australian team in the All-Star Game. The tour will be rounded out with training sessions, media interviews and fan contact on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.


We are delighted to be granted permission to publish excerpts from some of the many interviews in which Grant has kindly participated.



Interview with Baseball New South Wales High Performance Manager Glenn Williams..........CLICK HERE


Public appearance in Canberra..........CLICK HERE


At Blacktown Olympic Park Sydney for an emotional tribute to David Balfour..........CLICK HERE


Images from All-Star Game (Melbourne Ballpark) supplied by Kingsley Collins

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