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The Nilsson Tapes

While momentum builds towards the staging of the fourth ABL All-Star Game – to be held at Melbourne Ballpark on 17 December – we felt the timing was opportune to reflect upon the life and the career of retired Major League All-Star David Nilsson.


A catcher with Milwaukee Brewers from 1992 to 1999 – and a punishing hitter – David Nilsson has earned many accolades both overseas and in Australia, where he was inducted to both the ABF Hall of Fame and the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.


Perhaps his crowning personal achievement, however, was selection as a Major League Baseball All-Star in 1999, when he became the first Australian named for the prestigious event. Australian Baseball Alumni Chairman Brett Ward caught up with David Nilsson for a chat.


We thank David Nilsson for his assistance with this two-part interview, which we know that the baseball community will enjoy.


David was one of four Nilsson brothers who all achieved at elite level in the sport. The oldest brother, Bob, is still regarded as one of the finest relievers in Australian baseball history, while Gary Nilsson played professionally and Ron Nilsson was a national representative.


Bob Nilsson was recently interviewed by Grant McDonald for Queensland Claxton Shield Alumni. Like the David Nilsson entry, it provides fascinating insights into the lives and careers of a wonderful baseball family. The Bob Nilsson interview is posted HERE.



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