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SEN Major League Baseball Podcast

Kingsley Collins

26 July 2015


Australian Baseball Alumni is pleased to announce its support for an exciting new initiative offered by Melbourne’s 1116 SEN (Sports Entertainment Network).


The media outlet recently introduced its SEN Major League Baseball Podcast, a weekly baseball show anchored by Alumni member and former Australian Baseball League player Craig Frita Kernick.


Drawing on a network of high-profile names in the sport, SEN MLB provides breaking news, detailed interviews and insights covering all levels from Major League and Australians playing overseas through to international tournaments, ABL and grassroots baseball.  


The weekly baseball show – which began just a fortnight ago - is a welcome addition to a jam-packed 1116 SEN programme that provides intensive coverage of a wide range of sports. The hour-long show will be recorded on Saturday morning and will be available by podcast sometime between the Saturday night and Monday morning of each week.


“We are aiming to have the show online as soon as possible after recording,” Craig Kernick told Australian Baseball Alumni, “although that may not be until early Monday morning, which our research showed to produce a spike in sporting podcasts.”


Guests in the first two editions have included former professional baseball player and AFL footballer Justin Charles, former Red Sox catcher and Australian Olympian Matt Kent, Baltimore Orioles scout Brett Ward and former professional and San Diego scout Russell Spear.

“Listeners can expect high-profile and articulate people in this show all the way along,” Kernick said. “Justin (Charles) will be one of our regulars, though we are certainly looking to share ourselves around within the baseball and the broader sporting community.”


“We will be aiming to get people from other codes in the studio as guests from time to time,” he said. “High quality, considered and knowledgeable insights are what we are all about.”


“So far we have taken a quite structured approach to the format,” Kernick said. “We will deal with MLB standings and discuss individual highlights for the previous week. We will analyse a few different MLB clubs each week and we will focus on how our own professionals are going – in the US or elsewhere.”


“We will discuss particular baseball events – like the Under 12 World Cup on at the moment – and we will be inviting baseball people to submit story and interview ideas.”


“I should emphasise,” he said, “that the show seeks to appeal to baseball interests in all Australian states – not just where we happen to be.”


Already sponsored by Selleck’s Recoating Service in Seaford – a Melbourne bayside suburb – the 1116 SEN Major League Podcast is setting itself to become a long-term player in the baseball media landscape.


“There is a wealth of baseball material out there – and a plethora of stories,” Kernick said. “While we have the current financial support to take us through our winter and past the World Series, there is plenty of baseball news to keep us going for twelve months of the year.”



Australian Baseball Alumni congratulates 1116 SEN, its production staff, presenters and sponsors on successful delivery of what we hope will become a regular and popular feature of the Australian baseball landscape.

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