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Phil Dale:   college ace, Aussie baseball legend

Among the most recognisable names in Australian baseball, Phil Dale has done it all - or very nearly, as it was only through unusual circumstances that he came up just short of a Major League opportunity.


One of the first Australians to ply his baseball trade in United States, Phil Dale enjoyed a stellar college career that helped him to make the transition to professional baseball - first as a player, then as a coach and later as a highly-regarded international scout.


A long-term scout for Atlanta Braves - and a member of the Australian Baseball Hall of Fame - Phil Dale had on outstanding career in the orginal Australian Baseball League and he coached Melbourne Aces for four years in the new league while he has along the journey maintained  a regular and committed presence as Pitching Coach on Victorian and Australian teams for many years.


Phil Dale spoke recently with Australian Baseball Alumni Chairman Brett Ward.


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