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Once a Yankee.....

Earning the distinction of being the first Australian pitcher to start an MLB game, right-armer Mark Hutton enjoyed a twelve-year professional career across four Major League clubs despite the challenge of recurrent injuries.


Another of our Australian baseball pioneers in the home of baseball, the “Big Mate” signed with New York Yankees in 1988 and progressed quickly through the minor league system before making his MLB debut with the Yankees in 1993 – at just 23 years of age.


Describing his time with the Yankees as “a huge honour”, Mark Hutton was at one point ranked even more highly than Mariano Rivera as both worked their way through the Yankees system.


Traded to Florida Marlins in 1996, Mark Hutton spent subsequent time with Colorado Rockies and Cincinnati Reds before suiting up for Australia at the Sydney Olympics, an experience that he holds dear to this day.


“It (professional baseball) was certainly a crazy ride,” Hutton notes in this fascinating two-part chat. “It is something I never expected as a kid.”


“I’m just eternally grateful that I was one of those 31 Australian guys to have made it to the majors.”



MARK HUTTON:     Part One

MARK HUTTON:     Part Two

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