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Junior League National Championship 2015

The inaugural Australian Junior League National Championship will be held on the Gold Coast from 4-9 April, with sixteen teams from across the nation scheduled to meet for what is bound to be a magnificent showcase of under-aged baseball.


The series will include players of the same age as the former Under 14 National Championship although it has assumed a radical rebadging under Little League requirements to be a locally-based, chartered event rather than a representative state team as was earlier the case.

Sixteen teams have entered for the Junior League National Championship – four from both New South Wales and Western Australia, three from Queensland, two from Victoria, two from South Australia and one from Australian Capital Territory.


Live streaming of selected games is anticipated for the series, which will be hosted by Surfers Paradise Baseball Club – an organisation with a proven track record of engagement in major baseball events from Little League through to Masters.


Team rosters are now available, along with other Baseball Australia links and information relating to the series.


Australian Baseball Alumni will seek to provide news, interview material and original images during the Championship.



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