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Australian Baseball League:   THE UNTOLD STORIES

My name is Xavier Player and I am writing a book chronicling the history of the first incarnation of the Australian Baseball League.


I have previously spent time working with the Melbourne Aces and now produce baseball content for 1116 SEN in Melbourne, including the SEN MLB podcast, hosted by the Alumni's own Craig "Frita" Kernick, as well as providing written content for the Australian Baseball Alumni website.


The purpose of completing the survey is for me to increase my database of information and contacts as I cover the stories of the league from formation to collapse and everything between.


There is of course no obligation to complete the survey (below) although the more responses I can gather the more justice I can do as I aim to tell the stories (many of which are unknown to the baseball public) of the first ABL.


Responses to the survey and personal information will of course be treated with the utmost confidence.


ABL Player Survey (GOOGLE FORMS)


Thank you.


Xavier Player

December 2015

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