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Alumni Raffle Winners:    January 2016

Wednesday 20 January 2016


Australian Baseball Alumni is pleased to announce the winners of its recent raffle held to help offset the costs of players at National Championships. 


Thanks to those who chose to participate, the raffle was a great success in raising $ 4500. The main contributor to this effort was New South Wales Under 16, with South Australia Under 16 and Queensland Under 18 the two other teams to benefit directly from involvement.


We thank Alumni committee member Glenn Williams for taking the time to organise the raffle in order to help players and their parents reduce costs of participation at the nationals.


We extend our appreciation to Detroit Tigers and Kevin Hooker for arranging donation of the Miguel Cabrera ball, to Dean Lawler for his kind donations, to the Sydney Blue Sox for supplying a Grant Balfour signed bat, to Trent Oeltjen and John Stephens for their generous contributions.


If he has not done so already, Glenn Williams will be in touch with all winners on his return from overseas on 30 January to arrange delivery of raffle prizes.


Below is the list of winners, their phone numbers, prizes and an image of the winning tickets.


Congratulations to the winners. Thank you to all of those people who supported the raffle.



Authenticated signed Miguel Cabrera Baseball- kindly donated by the Detroit Tigers- WINNER- Julie- 0414471257

Green ticket A09


ABL Sam Bat signed by Grant Balfour- kindly donated by the Sydney Blue Sox- WINNER- A Bedggood- 0431001002

Red E59


Authenticated signed Derek Jeter baseball card- kindly donated by Dean Lawler- Winner- Jamie- 0439865730

Blue B24


Authenticated Pinnacle Joe DiMaggio baseball card set including a signed Joe DiMaggio card- kindly donated by Dean Lawler- Winner- Sonya Sproull- 0413449429

Blue C05


Trent Oeltjen Signed Sydney Blue Sox jersey- kindly donated by Trent Oeltjen- Winner- T. Holm- 0409809443

Purple A77


Game used Athens Olympics baseball signed by major leaguer and gold medal game starter John Stephens- kindly donated by John Stephens- Winner- Fallico 0421304129

Green B51


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